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Our Vision


Raven Machine is a global manufacturer and marketer of quality machined parts, weldments and specialty enduse products. Our stated Mission is to be identified by our Customers as the best source for machined parts, weldments and enduser components in the world.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to provide our customers with a complete assortment of quality products and outstanding customer service on every order. This strategy ensures we will provide our customers with the best possible solution:

* High value at a competitive price (quality, packaging, materials).

* Specifications which meet or exceed industry standards and our competitors.

Our Customers


Our experience servicing Customers for these products goes back more than thirty-five years. Customer demand for Raven services has grown steadily by word of mouth. Our reputation has been that we offer a value-added solutions that will improve performance and save our Customers time and money. We continuously strive to improve service to our Customers in every aspect of their buying experience.

Our Quality Standards

Raven Machine products are manufactured to our own high quality standards and designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. All processes and controls are constantly reviewed for improvement opportunities in an effort to prevent any errors or defects. We are dedicated to providing our customers products that work right the first time.

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